About Sick Consulting

Sick Consulting was created by Frank P Sickle, a branding & digital marketing expert to help augment his digital marketing agency, Sick Media Group.  They provide hi-end branding, social media, and website design services.  Sick Consulting was created to help existing clients grow their digital and analog marketing’s ROI by measuring what is working and what doesn’t.   It also provide new clients with turnkey marketing programs so they can make a more informed decision on where to spend their marketing dollars and when.

Founder’s Philosophy

In addition to 20+ years of marketing experience, 10 with my own agency, I have 15+ years of sales management experience working mostly in distributor, channel sales in a variety of industries.  This experience implementing good and bad marketing tools has taught me to measure twice and execute once saving clients time and getting better, faster results.

My Philosophy towards Marketing is simple:  See what is working, figure out how to uniquely mimic it, and continue to develop it until you maximize your Marketing ROI.   I also believe it is critical to measure your marketing tool performance or your just wasting your time and budget.

Satisfied Clients

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