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    Channel Sales, and Web Presence Marketing.

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    Over 20+ Years Marketing Experience successfully working with
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To Be Effective in
Modern Marketing

You need experience, guidance, a plan with measurable results, and a vision for the future. Unlike traditional marketing, Digital Marketing has the ability to collect statistics and data to know what really works and what doesn’t.


We’ve taken advantage of this creating evidence based programs based on real numbers and client/industry statistics, not visions, fantasies and dreams. (what analog marketers have been doing for decades).

We Help With:

  • Brand Development

  • Social Media

  • Website Development

  • Trade Events

  • Distributor Sales

  • Product Launches

We help you dial in: Brand Development, Website Design, New Product/Service launches, Marketing/Sales tools, Trade events, Guerrilla marketing, or for a total refresh of your marketing program.

Sick Consulting’s team develop Evidence Based Marketing Programs geared to help you establish a better brand, get more leads, and maximize your return on marketing investment.

Already have a marketing team? We welcome collaborating with your internal staff or working independently.

What Can We Do for You

In a Nutshell, We build Awesome, Consistent Brands, Establish a Web Presence, and Create Marketing Tools that help Drive Sales.

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